Fukushima Prefectural Library has a pretty good selection of English books for adults available for loan, considering this is Japan.


Here are some books by Japanese authors that have been translated into English.   I haven’t read many of them.  I’m just not “into” Japanese literature.  Yeah, bad of me!

Currently I am reading “The Fall of Language in the Age of English”  I’m not close to finished with it, but I was interested in the topic so I bought and started reading it.  It’s about how English is taking over the world of language, to the detriment of other languages.  I’ll give a full review later when I finish.

Well, I got my N2 results back.  The bad news is I failed.


The good news is I dramatically improved my reading comprehension score.  From 0/60 to 28/60.  Wippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a big smile on my face.


Yes, that’s me.  Overjoyed.

My grammar/vocab score went dowwwwwwwwwwn.  I was not surprised because I wasn’t feelin’ it and plus it was dang hard.  But I am studying Kanzen Master Grammar N2.  GRAMMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Learning it.

As soon as I kissed him, his wife suddenly appeared.

Over the span of several weeks, the adorable little stray kitten morphed into a lion which would not longer fit into our apartment.

Just at the very moment I spotted 1,000 yen on the ground, I dropped my Louis Vuitton purse into a mud puddle.

Whereas previously, I wasn’t confident AT ALL that I would pass the test, I now feel confident that I can indeed pass it.  Just one my try.  I’m almost there.  Almost there.