Our prefectural library here in Fukushima is totally separate from the city library stystem.  I’m lucky to have both the libraries–it’s twice as many books.

One thing I don’t like about the prefectural library, however, is that (due to my investigative skills  nosiness) I am aware that they have MANY MANY MANY English picture books in storage.  Classic books from the sixties and seventies.  However…….I am only allowed to read them on the premises.  Well, that never worked for my son.  It was hard to get him to the library (it’s a little far and I don’t drive) and what’s more, he’s a rascal who doesn’t want to do storytime in the library.  He prefers curled up at home in bed, thank you very much.

I understand why they don’t allow people to check out these English books.  They get rained on, lost, stolen, etc.  However, I am a responsible person who would never mess up their precious books!

Anyway, they do have a few English books available for check-out.


I really feel lucky, because it’s a nice little selection.  They have quite a few books by Japanese writers that have been translated into English.  For example, this book:

Cute!  Cute! Cute!

I don’t think American publishers put out books by Japanese writers very often.  It’s a pity.  There are a lot of good books, IF they are well-translated.  (If a book isn’t translated well, it is ruined a bit.)

American books are read in Japan in translation, so I should think the favor ought to be returned.