I am really and truly not very fixy.  On days I don’t go anywhere, I don’t put on any makeup.  If I’m going somewhere though, this is what I put on.


Rimmel Fix and Perfect (This was based on advice from Adventure of a Chiba Mommy’s blog)

Clinique foundation

Clinique chunky lipstick  (I saw this lipstick and loved it!  I still love it when I put it on.)

Clinique chunky blush

eyeliner, over the counter brand, black

Clinique mascara, black

base coat, pink nail polish…have since found the clear top coat.  It was missing when I snapped this photo!

Okay, you can tell I like Clinique!  LOL  Yes, it’s a holdover from high school when all the girls wore it.  And yeah, it’s one of the cheaper department store brand in the U.S. (though Clinique is more expensive in Japan.)  So yeah, it’s cheaper…….but not dirt cheap.  So I like it.

Like I  said, I’m not fixy, and there are women out there who know way more about makeup than I do.   But it’s fun to peek in another woman’s makeup bag, isn’t it?  LOL

Okay, Rokurokubi sighting of the week:


I want to be pretty just like her!!!!!!!!!!!!