Recently we went to a “play cult” gekijyo performance by the Hitomiza puppetry troupe.


Well, those puppets did amazing things.  I’m used to puppets standing around and talking to each other, like Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, but these puppets were chasing each other around, pratfalling, bonking each other on the head, and so on.  Afterwards, one of the puppeeteers took off a puppet’s head and we could see how it worked.  Buttons were pushed to achieve certain effects, one in particular changing the puppet’s face from docile to frightening.

In other news, this past weekend we saw the movie Annie.  My son had not wanted to go, but I forced begged him to go.  He didn’t like it.  He thought it needed more battling, less singing.

I felt it was good for him to see Annie, it’s so incredibly famous.  And plus it was in English.   Really lightning fast English, but definitely English.

I enjoyed it, but felt it went on a little too long.  They added about three rather slowish songs that needed to be cut.  They should have focused more on the original music.  Let’s face it, those famous songs are the reason people go to see Annie.  (At least that’s the reason I went.)

But basically I did really like it.  The acting was good, there was a lot of humor, and they really made it modern and relevant to today’s audiences.