Mochi and sweet red bean on top of Harry S. Truman’s face!  I wonder how often that happens?

I’ve posted before about my love of educational placemats, and how miserable the supply is in Japan.

I ordered in Japan, had them sent to an address in America.  I brought them back from America when I visited.

Here’s what I got:

Presidential (I had one already but it only went to G. W. Bush.)

American money

Human body  (This was a bust!  My son did not want to look at a cadaver while eating.)

periodic table



Mexico and Central America

South America



The one that I did NOT get was the U.S.A.!  I sort of thought I didn’t need it, but in truth I don’t have a good America placemat map.  (I do have a couple good ones that are at my school that I use for teaching, but they are really old and the edges are peeling up and just all around grody.)  So I do wish I had bough the U.S.A. one to make a complete set.

We have really been getting a lot of use out of these world placemats!  I keep them in our learning area.  So now we are going through Cursive Writing around the World textbook.  It’s such a great book.  We do the city of the day and find it, and its country on the map.  For example, Quito.  How many twelve year olds know where that is?  We found it on the South America map, in Equador.   So much easier than using a world map!

(I know some people might use an Ipad and reach for that, but we personally never use the ipad during English class….It’s probably useful….but our house is not hooked up to Wifi!  My husband promised wifi to my son if he passes Eiken Level 3!)