Visiting our local Book Off, the used book store.


Don’t look at the book on the far left.

I TOLD you not to look!



Books for kids….


More books for kids….

At our Book-Off, they really don’t have much in English.  I don’t think there is a huge demand in Fukushima City!

In honor of hurting my heel (plantar fascitiis) and healing my heel, I wrote a poem:

I hurt my hips.
They hurt like hell.
Now my knees.
They hurt as well.
Next my back.
It is in pain.
That’s how I answer,
“Will it rain?”


I sat on the sofa (more like lounged on the sofa) and was going through the rhymes, thinking of this poem, saying over and over and over:  “I hurt my heel…It hurt like hell.”  (Because originally it was to be a poem about my heel, but I couldn’t make it work.)  And my son kept saying, “Are you OKAY?  What’s the matter?”  He was worried about me!   Nothing, he’s just got a crazy mama!

I found this rhyming dictionary online for future reference:

It hurt like hell when I fell….

It hurt like hell and then it swelled…

It hurt like hell and so I yelled….

It hurt like hell.  Goodbye.  Farewell.