Downtown Fukushima City has a very nice four story activity center for kids.  (There’s also a study area for older people, specifically jhs and jhs students.)  Entrance is free, which is nice for me.  It’s within walking distance, so I don’t have to pay anything.  If I drive, I have to  pay for parking.



Whenever there’s a school holiday they have a free exhibit of some kind.  It’s always small, but really cool.  Over winter break, it was “trick art”  Optical Illusions.   If you have a chance to go to a trick art exhibit, you should go!  It’s fun!  But bring your camera!  You can take crazy photos.




This play area brings back memories.  We moved to Fukushima City when my son was three, and we spent quite a bit of time here.  He went to preschool, which finished every day at two, but on Wednesdays it finished before lunch.  So on Wednesdays and weekends, I’d sit down with a book and let him play play play here.  Lots of fun.

Unfortunately………once a child enters elementary school, it’s off limits to the child.  (Except perhaps those functioning as an older sibling helping a younger sibling.  Those kids can probably cheat.)  So we have not been here in a longgggggggggggg time.  Five years and ten months to be exact.  🙂



They have a very nice children’s library on the first floor.  It’s part of the city library, but it’s much newer than the main city library close to my house.  The books seem newer and more up to date than that library, and Comu Comu is more modern in its layout of books.  (Cover out for many books to encourage browsing.)
I prefer the main library however, because Comu Comu has very few English books.  (The main one has many English books.)  I know that if I were a Japanese mom, I’d far prefer this one, though.  This is a place that kids want to go, whereas the old main library reeks of Communist-style orphanage architecture.  (Gray building, dim lights, fungi growing in strange places, faint smell of pee….)

Okay, that’s Comu Comu!  My home away from home away from home!

I usually try to add a bit after I show my photos.  I guess I want to talk about a moving post by Connie Naka on iphones and enjoying nature around you.  Well, yesterday my son had his eiken, level three.   (Which I am sure he passed.  We still haven’t reached the point where the test is challenging for him.)

I sat in the parents’ room with my Japanese textbook and my kindle.  A woman came in.  I started conversation with her.  Immediately she put here nose in her iphone.  Then a man came in.  The same thing happened.

Another man came in.  He talked to me, but he switched immediately to English.  (He lived abroad for three years.)  So, I have two people who prefer checking the internet to talking to me.  And the third guy was nice, but I always feel a little manipulated when somebody switches to English like that.  I’ve lived in Japan for twenty years, you’ve lived abroad for three, and we do the conversation in English?  At this point, I’m like whatever.  Happy to oblige.  I get plenty of Japanese stimulation, so it’s not that big of a deal.  (But just enough to make me blog about it.;-)

So anyway, the iphones were annoying me.  I don’t have an iphone to bury my nose in.  I can see their purpose if you need to look something up, but come on, when a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING WANTS TO CHAT WITH YOU it’s kind of annoying to let it be known that you’d rather be checking LOL Catz.

Eventually, our children will lose the ability to write, then the ability to speak, then the ability to hear……….