We went to get darling son sized for his JHS UNIFORMS!!!!!
I say “uniforms” because basically he has got a snazzy uniform like in the photo:


But he also gets a “jyaji” uniform–athletic wear.  The stylish uniform is for special occasions.  The jyaji is for daily wear.  But I think the stylish uniform is what they wear TO and FROM school, they just change at school into their jyaji.  Yes, it sounds “mendokusai” (What a bother) to me, too.

The stylish uniform is supposed to be dry cleaned which is also is so mendokusai.

I remember when I taught JHS the boys didn’t care who they change their clothes in front of. Female teachers, female students, whoever, whatever.  Girls were far more modest and changed in another room.

I’ll tell more on the JHS situation as it arises.  We let darling son choose his JHS–the choice was between public and private.  Both seem to have positives and negatives, so ultimately we left it up to him.  He chose public.

The cost of the uniforms is about 6o,ooo yen.  😛

I was in a “shoppy shoppy” mood the other day and purchased these flashcards:

country flashcards They are only in Japanese and usually I avoid buying things in Japanese.  But sometimes the cuteness grabs me and pulls me in.  That’s what happened here.

It was worth it.  First we looked at the pictures and darling son guessed the country.  Most were quite easy.  Then we looked at half the flag, and he guessed.  This was fun!  Some were, of course, easy.  And some were tricky.   So it is a neat little flashcard set.  A little young for age twelve, and I would have preferred it in English, but still fun.

Here’s another set that I did not buy.  The primary reason being that I shopped at a real bricks and mortar store and did not have the option.