This is Sakata City, in Yamagata Prefecture.  It was cold.DSCF3530

It was so cold I saw a Yuki Onna.





It was so cold that the Yuki Onna slid her car on the ice on drove it into our wall!



Okay, it was actually a car driven by (I think) a regular human woman.  Luckily nobody was hurt.  That’s the wall that surounds my parents-in-law’s farm.  They’ll get it fixed in March when the snow melts.

So how do we keep warm here in Tohoku, also known as “Snow Country?”

Electricity for heating the home is quite expensive.  And kerosene also may be used, but that is pretty cumbersome.  Generally, Japanese people just heat one room and close off the others.


Japanese people make use of long underwear.  I did not know this until my Japanese teacher told me.  Love my long undies!



The use warm coats like this “hanten” (half coat).  It’s meant to be worn indoors to keep warm.  I’m wearing one now!



Also meant to be worn indoors.


More hanten for indoor use!  They are so pretty I want to wear them outside.



For indoor use.



At work or at school, I often see females (always females!) sitting with a light, smallish blanket over the knees.  Like the ones pictured above.



Not meant to be worn indoors, but hey America spotting!  Oh say can you see a wintry cap…..