Ginger!  Yes, it was ginger tea, which I discovered I do not like.  Ewww.

When I bought it, I couldn’t read the kanji so I did it the old-fashioned way:  ignored the fact that I couldn’t understand it, figured whatever the kanji was it couldn’t be that bad, and bought the tea anyway.  That’s the way we did things way back  in the nineties.  The olden days.

Now you got those new-fangled Iphones and technology gizmos.  And you can actually look up the kanji lickety split.  Which of course I did not do.  What happened was I got on the train, drank the tea and said, “Gross!  What is this?”  And the Japanese lady said to me, “Ginger.”  And then she went back to sleep.

Damn foreigner, ruining my nap.

So I looked it up in my new-fangled Ipad and yes, the kanji was Ginger (Shouga).  As you can see, it is one of three kanjis for the word “Shouga”.  Isn’t Japanese fun and easy?

Okay, now note what it says below.  “USUALLY WRITTEN USING KANA ALONE”

Um,  evidently the people at the tea factory don’t know that.  Usually written using kana alone.


At the end of Mommy and Son English Time yesterday, I gave my son a notebook and said, “Write all the names of all the famous Americans you can think of.  Don’t worry if it is spelled correctly.  You have two minutes.”

He took thirty seconds and wrote:




G. Bush  G.W.Bush

And then was finished.  I was disappointed he did not write more.  The thing is he was free to do as he pleased afterwards, and he just wanted to move on and get finished with his English studies.   So if his heart was in it, I know he could have written more.


He’s fascinated with Nixon.  That bad guy.

I was suprised he did not include Lincoln or M.L. King (JR!).  He definitely knows them, just I think he was in a hurry.

I was surprised about the two Bushes.  We don’t talk about them much.  I think that is a result of his presidential placemat.  He has seen their names and faces while eating, a little fascinated they are father and son.

Okay, that was our activity!  Yeah, I know the list was short.  I’m doing the best I can.