If you were thirsty for tea, would you buy this?  Can you read the kanji?  Or are you like me, and just sort of figure that it is some sort of yummy tea and buy it even though you can’t read it?

I bought it and drank a sip.  Yuk!  I did not particularly like it.

What kind of tea do you think it is?

I’ll reveal the answer in my post tomorrow!  🙂

Recently I read the Pearl Harbor book from the “I Survived” series.  It’s a super easy book, but there are not many read alouds about Pearl Harbor.  I think Pearl Harbor is an important subject for my son, being both Japanese and American.  Anyway, he really enjoyed it.  I mentioned that there was an “I Survived” about the 3/11 Japanese earthquake.   He wanted me to read that to him, too.

Earlier I had seen the Japanese earthquake one and felt uneasy about it.  The whole “I Survived” series, to me, seems to be an effort primarily to make a profit off tragedies.  Yes, I know, it also teaches about the tragedies, but it seems so very commercial.

But anyway, I bought the earthquake “I Survived” and read it to my son.  Well, it is not about the nuclear meltdown at all.  (Thankfully.)  It’s about the earthquake and then the tsunami.  We didn’t experience the tsunami, and it is definitely something my son is interested in, so he enjoyed the book.  He proclaimed it, “Good.”

Did the earthquake feel like the actual thing?  No, it felt like an “I Survived” book.   (They all seem to follow the same pattern–famous tragedy, mayhem and suspense, everything is all right in the end for our hero and his family)  She did not get little details of the earthquake.  Like all the aftershocks that occured, each one as bad as the actual earthquake, IMO.

It says in the back of the book that if you go to her website:  http://www.laurentarshis.com/ you can find the sources she used for the book.  I was interested in that, but could not find them on her website.  😦  So I sent her an email asking for them, but she has not responded.  It’s only been a couple days though, so I’ll give her more time.

So there’s my review of this “I Survived” book.  I lived through it and don’t need an “I Survived” book, but I think it is useful for kids to make sense of tragedy.