Would you like a tour of my parents’ American neighborhood?


This is the route that my mom and I take when we walk (and my dad when he goes, too.)  As you can see the houses are pretty normal American houses that date from roughly the 1960’s.



My dad and I went another way for our daily walk on my last day in the States.  More of a beaten path way.  Lovely houses.


Gated! To keep out the riffraff like me.  😉


We turned off into the woods.  However, my dad said that soon this area will be built up with houses.


Woods, Texas style.


People in Japan think Texas is a big desert.  It’s not really, but there is definitely wild cactus growing.


Settlers used to live here long ago.


My dad said that whoever is selling the land to make the houses (like the one in the distance) is rich.  And will use that money to buy more land.


In America, this is called a McMansion.  But from my vantage point in Japan it is luxury extraordinaire.  I just don’t see houses like this in Japan.


I could definitely live here!


The dog likes it.


Really a beautiful house.  You have to be rich to live here, even by American standards.  By Japanese standards, I believe this house is a near impossibility.


What the regular neighborhood looks like.  It’s country land.  Perhaps in several years there will be residences here?

Currently cleaning!!!!!!  I like to listen while I clean, NPR or CNN or BBC.   Long gone are the days when, back when my husband was a foreigner in the United States, he would listen to his shortwave radio for anything Japanese.

But now I’m not listening to English.  I’m trying to improve my Japanese.  I’ve got it on Japanese radio:  http://www3.nhk.or.jp/netradio/ I need to challenge myself.  When my son comes home, I turn it off and it’s English time.

Although, even when my son is home, we do have Japanese in the house.  We were watching TV last night:  pratfalls, animals acting crazy, silly babies.  Stuff the TV station borrowed from youtube.  We all love this in our family.  Even though it is in Japanese, we discuss in English, looking up words and so on.  They have the Japanese words written at the bottom of the screen quite often, so I try to read that.


Okay, that’s all all!!!!!!!