Does this doll scare you?  It scares my son.  At my parent’s house, it was decorating the guest bedroom.  He took it out of the room, put it in another room, face down.  Evil Doll!  He’s a lot like me.  I always imagine a murderer around the corner, a hand in my toilet, a rokurokubi trying to pick up my husband……Oh, wait.  Where were we?

Anyway, he’s a scaredy cat.  But I love him anyway.  I think he is awesome sauce.  Whatever the heck that means.*


*I hope it is nothing dirty.  Okay, curiosity got the best of me and I googled it and found urban dictionary:  Awesomesauce

Something that is more awesome than awesome. It is a modifyer of your basic awesome into a more awesome version.
So, I guess just really awesome.