In the United States, my sister and niece took my son to see Big Hero Six.  I didn’t go, preferring to spend time with my parents.  However, earlier in Japan, I had bought the Mae Uri Ken (cheaper tickets that one can buy before opening day) already, so having come back we needed to use them.  So I took my son today to see it.  It was in Japanese.  The English language version is not offered in Fukushima City for Big Hero Six.

Well.  I just loved it.  And that’s saying a lot because when a movie is in Japanese, I often feel like “Wake me when it is over.”  You won’t feel that way in this movie.  The Japanese was fairly easy for me to follow–I didn’t understand every single word, but the movie is so visual and action packed that it’s easy to figure out what people are saying.

I guess pretty much everybody knows that it is set in San Fransokyo, and that our little Hero is of some sort of Japanese descent.  That was cool, and weird.  It was a VERY Japanese movie, yet American.  They really took everything neato about Japan and stuck it into the movie.  Kind of like I do with this blog!  LOL


(Blatantly manipulating Japanese culture to make this blog crazy and cool.  Because little mushroom creatures are crazy and cool.)

I’ve decided that our family lives in Fukuxas……Fukushima and Texas.  Our house is like a little American island where English is spoken and George Bush watches my son eat breakfast*, yet “randosel” gets thrown on the floor and manga litter the coffee table.

*From his place of honor on the presidential placemat.




Spongepants Squarebob is coming!!!!!!!  Big fans here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paddington is out in America!!!!!!!!!!!!  Want to see it!   Is twelve years old too old to force my son to see it!  I love Paddington, that sweet little South American bear who is an expat just like me!