Yesterday in Japanese class, we were talking about playing when we were kids.  I learned the words Tomboy おてんばこ.  I was not, however, much of a tomboy, and told them about my Raggedy Ann doll.  They had never heard of Raggedy Ann.  It’s interesting how certain things like Dr. Seuss and Raggedy Ann are not well known in Japan, but other things, like Moomin, just really take hold here.

I read the Raggedy Ann book to my son a long while back.  It’s really a sweet book.  So here is a list of free (in the Amazon Asia region) books available on Kindle.  I’ve read them all to my son and can vouch they are great books for a young boy to listen to.  There are other books that are free (like Heidi) but I don’t really think my son would enjoy it.  Also books that are free, but not in the Asia region (The Burgess Book of Animal Stories.)  Enjoy!

Raggedy Ann Stories

Raggedy Andy Stories

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Five Children and It and other books by Edith Nesbit

Peter and Wendy

The Swiss Twins  and other books in the “Twins” series by Lucy Fitch Perkins.  Rumor has it The Swiss Twins is the best in the series, though.

Okay, moving on.  We normally never bring back omiyage for my son’s school friends, but this time I decided to do it.  My mom is a wonderful shopper and we found cute chapsticks at fifty percent off, after Christmas sale.


However, my son is evidently not as into “omiyage” as I am.  He never gave the chapsticks to his schoolmates (probably due to embarrassment) and then conveniently lost the bag of chapsticks. Argh.