I don’t use curse words very often at all.

So the other day my son bought a video gaming book and stuck it into my purse.  (He has a habit of wanting me to carry his stuff.)  So I said, “Get your SHIT out of my bag!”  It sounds mean when I type it, but I said it in a very jokey way.  “I don’t want your SHIT in my bag!  Carry your own SHIT!”

I guess he was pretty shocked that I said the S— word.  And kept saying it.  And used it to refer to his precious video gaming book.  He threatened to tattle on me to Grandma, which he did the next day.

A totally unrelated story:

My cousin swears quite a lot but he definitely tones it down around little kids.  Although my son isn’t exactly little, he is twelve.  So my cousin taught him the difference between “It’s shit.” (It’s bad.)  and “It’s the shit.”  (It’s good.)  Very educational for my son.   He doesn’t learn that stuff at home!


“Do you think we should tell her we shit in her suitcase?”

“No, she’ll find out soon enough.”


Speaking of shit……I just got laid off from my job!

It’s a part-time position.  When I applied two years ago, they were pretty desperate—a month had gone by, it was already May and they did not have the position filled.

In my humble position, I have done a beautiful job.  I am punctual, showed up every working day, kind to people, well-prepared.  Never had a huge flub, like bringing the totally wrong lesson plan to class or whatever.  Never argued with anybody.   Just really nice and accomodating.

Anyway……I asked last December if I would continue the next school year.  My supervisor got this *look* in her eyes.  And she said they would discuss it in January.  (You mean, “Give us time to find somebody new before we fire you.”)

So I went in for a bit of a meeting today, and then the vice-principal came to see me.  He said that they wanted a full-time teacher next school year, and they were getting a new teacher.


That feels like:

Honey, I know we have been dating for the past two years and you have been real sweet and all, but I want to get married now and I have found another girl for that.

Yeah, that is what it feels like.  They did not even ASK if I wanted the full-time position.  Just Sayonara.

So basically….shit.