Yes, we saw it. It was um, good, if you are seven years old. But there were not any RokuRokuBi. And we know I love RokuRokuBi.

Now THIS yokai is what that movie needed more of. RokuRokuBi Yokai Watch!


Okay, on to the Japanese.  The characters talked like this, “Shiranai defuuuu!”  and “Arigato Nyan!”  Extremely cutesy cutesy.

I think……this is the first movie in a long line of Yokai Watch movies.  You may or may not know this, but Japanese movie makers for children have a few stock franchises that they make a movie of every. single. year. for like……forever.   Pokemon, Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan, Kamen Rider, Puricula……  The movies are mostly mediocre.  Basically you are paying ten dollars for a “Straight to video” sort of movie.

Okay, I gotta say….I like American kids’ movies better.  Japan does have Ghibli, but most of Ghibli’s movies are actually for adults.  The last really good Japanese KID kid movie was probably Ponyo.  And that was years ago.  In America, recently there have been Frozen, Monsters U., The Gru Guy and his Minions movies–all high quality movies.

Among the Japanese movies that are churned out yearly, the only ones I actually like are the Crayon Shinchan ones, because he is so darned funny.  And guess what!  A Crayon Shinchan movie is coming out this spring!  And a Doraemon movie!  Big Surprise.