My memories of my granddaddy is him watching TV, specifically Hee Haw.  Back then TV was what you did.  It was the “vice.”  The thing that ruined your eyes and your inner heart.

Times have changed.

Now you can watch Hee Haw on Youtube, if you have a mind to do so.  In fact there is a lot of really cool stuff on Youtube.  (I am not saying Hee Haw is cool.  I won’t say it isn’t cool.  Oh, what the heck, I’ll say it.  Hee Haw is cool.)

Okay, where was I?  MY POINT IS that nowadays my son does NOT sit with his eyes glued to the boob tube.  He sits with his eyes glued to the youtube.  He has internet TV shows that he watches, and to tell the truth they are often very entertaining.  Like this one:

I am not going to lie and say I raised my son on one hour of computer time per week blah blah blah.  Basically he watches his shows, and I hover around.  I can see and hear what is going on–it’s a desktop computer.

Nevertheless, youtube makes me nervous because while most youtubers seem okay, some are just plain weird or disturbed.  And then there is the “in between” stuff.  What about a youtuber who is hilariously funny but throws the F word around?  What about something that is really cool, but then turns slighly racist?  Youtube means more responsibility on the viewer and his/her parents.

I personally think that youtube or something similar is the way of the future.  The TV will go the way of the radio–in every one’s home but not the center of attention.  I mean, already most people “watch” TV while staring down at their Ipad or whatever.

So I think this is an important issue for multilingualism.  I like that my son can hear REAL English on youtube and I like that he has freedom to control whether he watches in Japanese or English and I like that he can choose from a multitude of videos and watch what he REALLY is interested in. (Usually video games or video games related.)  So I don’t think it is a bad future.

The internet opens a world of possiblity to us language learners and I have to say that is something I am thankful for.



(This is really what I look like.  And you thought I was a human……..)