This is the Dillards outlet store.  Something like only nine in the U.S.  It’s the stuff they didn’t sell at the regular stores, so it’s very cheap.

In addition to loving the large sizes that actually fit me, I also love the sales in the United States.  Japan is not very good at putting on sales.  They don’t know how to do it right.  For example, today I was at a bookstore and saw the calendars.  In America in January, I’ve gotten a calendar for a dollar.  Prices are just slashed.

So….I asked today about calendars on sale.  I was directed to this piddly little area.  It was 10 percent off.  Big whoop.  Plus, it was the calendars that were on display, not the wrapped ones.  10 percent off for a calendar that people have been sneezing into and touching with their snotty fingers?  No thanks.  I need at least 50 percent off for THAT.

Japanese sales just are not very good.  And isn’t that the fun part?  Getting things at 75% off of 75%?



(This is what I look like trying on clothes in the dressing room.)






This is in my family’s neighborhood, photo taken on our morning walk.

Luke 2:16 – And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.