Nerd Japan books

My old friend has a daughter exactly the same age as my son.  The daughter’s name is “Moe”.  She told me, “Oh……I wish I hadn’t named her Moe!  It’s turned into a pervert slang word!  Gross men in Tokyo call out to young cute girls “Moe! Moe!”  I was all sympathetic–“Oh no, of course nobody will connect the two”.  Eeks.

Moe means “budding”, so the slang has to do with budding girls.


Okay, we all know I love Yokai.  I bought this Yokai book in the airport bookstore as a Christmas present, and then opend the package and read it.  Then taped the package back up and put it under the tree.  Sneaky.  Sneaky.


I love Rokurokubi.  Must be my inner l-sbian coming out.


The most famous of Yokai.  I have always wanted to make a movie about four teenage kappa with mutant powers and who know ninja.  Oh wait.  Never mind.


I saw one of these yesterday.  Yes, it is snowy in Tohoku.  I ain’t in Texas anymore.


Airplane food!  ANA First Class Second Class Third Class


This is making me hungry.  Maybe tonight I will pretend my meal is being served on a airplane.  Or maybe not.