I’m on the iPad so this post may be a bit wonky.

As I have written many times, I read the yomiuri children’s newspaper for Japanese practice. I came across an article of upcoming events.

January 17, 2015-20th anniversary of the Great Hanshin earthquake, in Japanese Hanshin Daishinsai. http://www.ce.washington.edu/~liquefaction/html/quakes/kobe/kobe.html I was in the States when it happened. The next year I visited Kobe. From the Kobe Tower, I could see the collapsed highway. I got a tourist map to visit old buildings….and they were not there anymore. Pretty sad.

March 14, 2015-opening of bullet train in Hokuriku area from Tokyo. If you are like me, you are like, “Where the hell is Hokuriku?” http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hokuriku_region Here is bullet train info, http://www.japan-rail-pass.com/japan-by-rail/travel-tips/hokuriku-shinkansen

April 4, 2015-another lunar eclipse for all of Japan! Woohoo! We are certainly getting a lot of these lately. http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/japan/tokyo

Summer 2015-something about a silk mill and world heritage. I did not 100 percent understand this article. http://www.tomioka-silk.jp/hp/en/index.html

August 15, 2015-seventy years since the end of the “Pacific War”, as the article refers to it, but I like to call it “the war in which japan made a total ass of itself.”. My neighbor lady is 81 and she said the war totally sucked.