Japan’s Narita Airport (officially called New Tokyo International Airport) has wonderful shopping, especially for “Japanese” items.  Baby kimonos, Indigo knick knacks, kokeshi, etc. abound here.  I have usually pretty much finished  my souvenir shopping by the time I reach the airport but I enjoy browsing.


Flavored Kit Kats.  Soy on left, Sweet Red Bean on right.  My sister is a very generous person and does not ask for anything except flavored kit kats.  (She brings them to work and I think her coworkers love them.)  So my husband orders them online and I pack them in my suitcase.


More flavored kit kats


And more……


Browing at the bookstore.  In the Japanese section of learning English, I came across this book.  (Or rather, its title rather jumped out at me.)  “The Proper Use of the F Word”  LOL  No, I did not buy it.


Thought this was weird, but wouldn’t it make a great gag gift?  No, I did not buy it either.


My aunt loves Japan’s tree trunk cake, Baumkuchen.  I bought this one for her and my uncle.