The flight was uneventful. I watched four movies, “The Giver”, “Boyhood”, “Fifty First Dates”, and “The Maze Runner”

I watched “The Giver” partly because I wanted to see it and partly to check if it was appropriate for my son to watch. Well, to be honest, the first half of the movie was quite dull, so I don’t think my son would enjoy it.

“Boyhood” was that movie filmed over a period of twelve years. It was a good movie, and certainly it was interesting watching the characters age. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was the BEST movie ever (like one reviewer wrote.) But it is definitely worth watching. Had a bit of a tiny cry after this movie……..I think anyone with a child will.

“Fifty First Dates” was typical dumb romance comedy. Good airplane movie, not much good for anything else.

I had never even heard of “The Maze Runner”–I don’t think it has come out in Japan yet? I gather it was quite popular in the U.S. though. I watched it wholly to see if it it was something my son and I would enjoy watching at the theater, but it is WAY too violent and intense for my son. It’s rated PG-13, but should be rated R in my opinion. I think somebody must have been bribed to get it at PG-13. Plus, how could Boyhood be rated R and The Maze Runner rated PG-13????? I’ll let my son watch Boyhood before he watches The Maze Runner. (Although both movies are currently inappropriate for him.)

There you have the movie situation!

Have a wonderful New Year’s Day!