Had all the relatives over today, am exhausted.

My mom loves hostessing and entertaining, so she spent all morning getting ready. I helped her and she had me put labels on presents. Anyway when we passed out presents, it turns out she mixed up Aunt Judy (a very distant relative of a relative we barely know)’s present and my sister’s present. My mom wasn’t going to say anything, but she told my sister who immediately told Aunt Judy. My sister is extremely no nonsense.

Another funny story. My mom told me she was out with two relative, two young boys who are brothers. The older one was teasing the younger one about still wearing a diaper. My mom said, “Well, I wear a diaper. So if you are making fun of him, you are making fun of me.”. Lol. She said the dad appreciated her comment.

I recently met a man who learned Arabic for the government. One of those intensive programs. I asked if he gets on the Internet and poses as terrorists, and he said no, he reads newspapers and watches movies. Sound like what I do with Japanese.

Okay, that’s all. Really tired. Merry Christmas!