Off to the U.S.!

I plan to buy tights.  Why tights?  Because I am too tall for Japanese tights.  I’m not really tall at all.  It’s just that Japanese companies make really short tights.

What else am I planning to buy?  Well, this doll.

I’ve already ordered it.  It’s for a pregnant Japanese friend.  In America, it’s about 27 dollars and in Japan it’s about 180 dollars.  Go figure.  So it’s like I’m giving a super duper expensive present!

Spend. Spend. Spend.  That’s what I plan to do.



tabi no haji wa kakisute

One loses all inhibitions when one is away from home

The only question is:  Which is home, America or Japan?

Well, that’s not the only question.  The other question is how many turkey pot pies can I eat before the chicken pot pies get jealous?