Yes! We went to the Matushima Aquarium! (Suizokukan=Aquarium)



you went to the aquarium?  did you see my crazy fish friends?



“Welcome to Matsushima

Matsushima is famous for its beautiful ocean scenery.  Just really famous.  We didn’t see too much of the lovely scenery–our goal was the Matsushima Aquarium.  It will be moved in the spring, so my husband suggested seeing it before it is changes.


This is a map of Miyagi Prefecture, north of Fukushima Prefecture.  Matsushima is in the “You are here” location.  Sendai City (about a million people) is southwest of that.


We saw a sea lion show.  Cute little devils.


And really talented, too!


Balancing a Christmas tree on his nose.


Electric eels!  What do they do to this Christmas tree?


At feeding time, their electricity lights up the tree!  Neat!


Totally environmentally friendly!  Take that, TEPCO!

The lights would flicker on and off, it wasn’t a continuous beam.  But really cool.


Next we saw the regular aquarium part–all kinds of fish and sea creature. Then we saw this:


This was taken the day after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 3/11/11.  This was on the coast, so lots of water.  Really sad.  In the restaurant where we had lunch, there was a sign which said that the water came up to this point–almost tall as much my son who is a tall sixth grader.  It’s amazing that they got it all cleaned up.


I wanted to also say about “The Story of the World”–I felt that it did a good job of explaining the misdeeds done by European countries.  In the past, I have felt contempt from other westerners (not other Americans, of course) about America and its politics and how horrible it is.  (Funny thing though, Chinese people and Japanese people never seem contemptuous.  We do NOT talk politics generally.  Chinese and Japanese people are just generally really sweet, I have found.)

Okay, so when a European hates America…….how can they hate America when their own European country has done equally miserable things?  And how can they hold it against ME?  When I’m just strolling along in life, being apolitical.

It’s hard to explain.  America is a country that generates strong feelings, love or hate.  Do other people have experience with this?