My darling friend sent me these yummy cookies!!!!!!!!!!!



On Friday our Japanese class had a Christmas party.  At first I was going to make my mom’s chicken salad.  But then I started thinking that chicken salad is a summery type of food and that I wanted something more wintery.  So contemplated pumpkin pie, and went to the International Store Jupiter so see if they had canned seasoned pumpkin pie filling.  They didn’t.  I realize I could make the pie from scratch using kabocha, but I just didn’t want to deal with all that trouble.

So I started thinking again:  I remember long ago, my Japanese student telling me that she went to the U.S. as a host student.  Her American host mother was aware that Japanese people love rice and made rice pudding for her as a treat.  The Japanese student told me that she thought rice pudding was such a disgusting idea!  Sweet rice!  Gross!

I decided to introduce my class to the wonders of Rice Pudding.  I chose an easy recipe off the internet (from Foodnetwork) and made it that morning.  It really was easy and the nice thing is that all the ingredients were easy to get in Japan.  It’s such a pain when you can’t get a certain ingredient!

I put the rice pudding into little containers with plastic spoons–I know people are reluctant to try anything they can’t handle with chopsticks.  So they need spoons provided.

Also, I labeled it Amerika no Ofukuro no Aji RICE PUDDING.  “Ofukuro no Aji” is an expression that I learned while studying for N2.  Basically it means like Mom’s Cooking, something mom would make.  Comfort food.  I wanted everybody to know a bit about rice pudding.

Nevertheless I could hear people picking it up and saying, “Is it sweet?  Amai?”  because they had no idea what it would taste like.  But I think it went over well.  It was all eaten up!  If you add enough butter and sugar to anything it’ll taste good.  🙂


We all brought presents for a present swap.  I got a book of Japanese puzzles, which I will have to try to do.  One of the ladies from the Philippines got my map that I gave as a present, so I was please with that.   I was sort of hoping a student, rather than a teacher, would get it.


Oden was made. Traditional Japanese comfort food.  I personally never make oden.  I kind of got turned off by it once when I was in 7-11 and a fly was floating in it!  (Convenience stores sometimes sell oden.)


Silent Night in Chinese, Japanese and English.  We sang all three. Kurisumasu Omedeto!