I saw these Christmas cards at a local bookstore and thought they were so adorable!  They mix western Christmas wreaths and trees with traditional Japanese decorations.  Just…..oooooh!  It’s one of the nice things about living in Japan.  It’s the country of kawaii and there are just so many kawaii things here.  I did NOT buy these cards, however, because I have already sent off my Christmas cards.  I get most of my cards from my church.  They sell religious ones ridiculously cheap, like thirty yen each.  This is good for me, because I just can’t afford to spend two or three hundred yen per card.  I’ve never seen cards in affordable boxes of twenty or whatever, like they sell in the United States.  So cards can be pricey here.

I think they are selling more “kawaii” stuff in America, though—stuff copied off Japan.  I know they sell things like kokeshi online.  I want this kokeshi nativity set* …..kawaiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

Positive Thinking…..

It’s something I want to write about, in regards to test taking.  I know conventional wisdom is that in order to pass a test, one must think positively.  I’m not really a big believer in that.  I have met many people who are like, “Oh, that was SO EASY!  I am sure I passed it.” And then they didn’t pass it.  So I guess I think it is best to think positively, but also to think realistically.

The reason I am such a negative thinker about the results of my JLPT test is because I know that I have not reached the level of skill that the test requires.  I am getting there, but I’m not there yet.  JLPT Bootcamp Blog says that if you pass N2, you can translate.  Well, I can NOT translate written materials….so I know I am not at the N2 level.  I need to study more and learn more.  Once I get closer to the N2 level, I will be more positive about the results, but not until then.

By the way, in Japan “optimistic” is らくてん。。。。The name of the online shopping company?  Yep, I just checked and it is the same kanji.  楽天   So I guess they want you to be optimistic about shopping!  LOL


*  Upon further examination, this nativity set appears to have been created by a Japanese man.  Okay, found this doll by Kids Preferred made in China.  Definitely copied!


BREAKING NEWS:  Just saw this on national Japanese TV.  Apparently our local vocano, Mt. Azuma, is getting active again……    http://www.jma.go.jp/en/volcano/