My millions of loyal readers are probably wondering:  But what exactly do you look like?  This is me and my family.






Me–part human/part fish


My son  (First snowfall of the season here in FC “hatsuyuki”  初雪 はつゆき)


My husband….handsome fellow!

Now, I want to talk about cursive.

I wasn’t planning to add it to my son’s studies, figuring that he had enough to do already and that (from what I’ve heard) no all schools do it nowadays.  With computers becoming more more and prevalent, cursive just isn’t as useful as it used to be.

However, my son told me that he wanted to learn “that squiggly writing.”  I thought, oh, he wants to learn cursive.  Okay, let’s go with it.

I bought two books off the internet.  One was a basic book about learning cursive, the other was Cursive Writing Around the World In 26 Letters.  With a name like that how could I resist?

Anyway, we started with the basic cursive writing book.  My son, like me, is not really that coordinated in handwriting.  (I had to stay in a recess relearning how to write lower-case cursive “f” because I kept doing it wrong.)  So we worked at it together and got through the alphabet.  But then he tells he doesn’t REALLY want to do cursive, he just wants to write his name in cursive.  Cool signature and all that.  (Or “sign” as Japanese people say.)  So now he writes his name daily in cursive and practices reading cursive from the book.  I do think that reading cursive is an important skill.  You never know when he will be called upon to decipher historical documents!