When we first moved to Fukushima City, my husband told me that there was a lovely, old, historical church near our house.  The architect had been American.  And indeed, on my son’s way to school he would pass right by it.  A beautiful brick building with hydrangeas blooming in front of it during summer.
On the day of THE EARTHQUAKE, the first thing I did was run from my home to my son’s school to see if it was all right. Of course, I passed the church. It had partially collapsed, bricks on the ground.  (Fortunately nobody had been in the area.)
In the coming days, I probably should have taken a photo of the collapsed church.  However, taking photos was the FURTHEST thing from my mind.  So I didn’t.  Later, when I thought about taking a photo, the area had already been razed and the church was totally gone, leaving a vacant lot.
That vacant lot has been there the past three years.  Finally, they started rebuilding.  As of this week, this is what the new church looks like:
Not as beautiful, but I am sure a lot safer!  When it’s done, I’ll peek inside and try to see what it is like in there. (If it is not locked or anything.)

Speaking of religion, I have to tell you something.

I don’t have a belly button.
My son and I love this Veggie Tales song!  They have tons of Veggie Tales on Youtube, including full episodes so be sure to check it out.  Things have changed since 2002 when I used to hoard videotapes in English.
I have to tell you something else.  I don’t have nostrils, either.