My son had a Christmas Aikido party and had to bring a small present.  Normally he would do the shopping for this, but there hasn’t been time for him to do that, so I took over and chose a present.  I really quite wanted to get the flag card game on left…..however I ended up feeling that probably kids don’t enjoy these educational games as much as I do!  Also, the Sazae San karuta looks wonderful.  If only I had money for this sort of thing, I would buy it for myself just because it’s so stinking cute.


Next I paused over these flag origami papers. It was a little pricey at 500 yen, and again, I felt that this was a little too educational and “My Mom Picked The Present”-ish.  I ended up getting a Yokai Watch paper airplane and origami with designs for good paper airplane making.  And I attached a bag of candy to the package.



On Friday night we had a Play Cult party and again I was asked to do English story book reading.  I did my best.  This is for the PLAY CULT group, remember.  These people know drama.  So my loud voice was LOUD and my quiet voice was quiet.  I read slowly and especially paused at key words.  So I feel like I done good.  Although I think I could have made more and better eye contact.  (I have to look at the text to read, so I need to manage that.)

The kids really paid attention well.   These are play cult kids, so despite acting like they were off their Ritalin during much of the party, were very attentive during my reading.  Play Cult trained them quite nicely.

Okay, I was thinking.  If I am going to be doing the storytelling more and more, I want to get better and better.  I am not a professional, and I never took a Drama class or acted in a play or anything like that.  So I have researched a bit for good advice on good storytelling.  This is what I found.

This is a great story teller.  She doesn’t give much advice, but is a great performer.

He is a Toastmasters winner. Not story telling, but I thought it was interesting that his speech is the same as my “Complimentary Compliments” idea.  Did not copy off him!  LOL

This is great.  What I was looking for.  “Every book you read, you read better the next time.”

This is also great and what I was looking for.  “Play with your voice” and other nice advice

The GOD of reading aloud–Jim Trelease.  Just a note–I am good at “playing Catholic”  LOL.




There is not really much that I could find for ESL storytelling.  I mean these kids really don’t understand English (other than the odd word here or there) so I feel like they hear only Blah Blah Blah Blah.  Or if I put expression into my reading, Blah blah blah BLAH BLAH blah BLAH blah blah blaaaahhhhh!

One thing I would like to work into my book reading is audience participation. The yomikikase group at my school never does audience participation, so I will need to think about how to do this smoothly.