Aren’t these stamps adorable?  I got them for Christmas letters.  The mice are Guri and Gura, of Japanese picture book fame.

When I mail letters and postcards, I always try to ask for a cute stamp.  I have to ask because otherwise the postal worker will just just slap one of those ugly red things that says I paid the amount.  What’s the point of sending a letter if not for the cute stamp?  Hello, we live in the world of the Internet.  Letters are special and deserve special stamps.

My son wrote the Christmas letters and cards.  I forced him to do it (during morning English time, one a day) because it is good practice.  He writes as little as possible, trust me.

Hmmmmmm……I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping via Internet.  I prefer to use real stores, but the Internet is so handy for people in the U.S.  To pay postage on a box to America can be astronomical!

And then when I get to America, I shop and shop and shop and stuff my suitcase with lovely stuff.  Look what is available now:



DDC DNA Diagnostics Center Paternity Test Kit

What do you think my darling husband would think if I brought THIS back?


It’s amazing what they sell in America now.