My Japanese class is having a X`mas party (they love to spell Christmas like that in Japan).  So we all have to bring a small present.  I racked my brains trying to think what anybody would like, student or teacher, male or female, old or young.  Finally I decided on a cute map of Japan (on right in photo.)  I personally really enjoy maps.  There are MANY new students from the Philippines, all beginners at Japanese, and I thought a fun map of Japan would help them.  And if a teacher got it….well, he or she could either keep or give it to a loved one.  Plus I attached a bag of candy to it.



Plus, I saw a post of 6th grade Kanji.  (Shown on left.)  My son is in the sixth grade, so surely it would be helpful to him.  I am studying Japanese, so surely it will be helpful to me.

Normally, we have two world maps right in front of the royal throne (you know what I mean.)  One is in Japanese, one is in English.  So anyway, I covered the Japanese map with the kanji poster.  At first, I was like um…okay…..sitting on a toilet, looking at kanji.  Didn’t mean much to me.  But I have been getting the Ipad Japanese dictionary, and writing in the characters and learning them slowly that way.  A lot of them I am familiar with, it’s just I need to set them firmly in my mind.  While I am sitting firmly on the toilet.

I would PREFER placemats with the kanji on them.  I love educational placemats.  America has a million of them online.  They are AWESOME.  At the table, you can discuss what is on the placemat.  In the bathroom…..well……let’s just say I am always in there alone.  Just me and my posters.  So yeah, I like the placemats way better.  However, Japan doesn’t really have very many educational placemats at all.

Japanese people really like posters for the shower/bath area.  (Separate from the toilet room.)  I have never done those.  No desire to study while taking a bath.

Another thing……..when my son was little, I was much stricter about “Only English”.  We live in an English bubble.  And it has been very successful.  It has been extremely sucessful.  This is how successful it has been:  Today a mom told me her daughter heard my son singing in English in the hallways at school.  LOL Fortunately he has a good voice.

Anyway, I try to create a strong English only environment…………so I feel guilty when I buy the kanji poster.  I know!  Ridiculous!  Right?!?!  Yet, I do.  I have to kick myself in the butt and remind myself that just because he gets strong in one language, doesn’t mean he gets less strong in the other.  Both need to be strong.



Okay, and finally, my good sweet friend bought me this massager thingy for X`mas.  Neat, isn’t it?  You put it in the microwave to heat it up.  I need to relax because Kanji caused me STRESS!


Okay, that’s all for today!  Gotta clean up and organize!  My kitchen wants to be pretty just like my bathroom!

Correction:  I need to correct a previous post.  I said that “inago” means cricket.  Well, I told this to my husband and said, No, it means grasshopper.

So I was like, “Same basic thing.”  😉  He said, “No.  A cow is a cow and a pig is a pig.  They are not the same, right?”

I said, “But you eat both cows and pigs.  So probably crickets and grasshoppers are the same.”  (Giving him a hard time.)

Well, I looked up in inago in my dictionary…and my husband is right.  Inago is actually a variety of grasshopper.  MY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!  Cricket is something weird word that I can’t remember.

But this is important because Japanese people actually eat grasshoppers, not crickets.  (Although, as everyone who lives in Japan knows, grasshoppes are NOT a common food at all.)