If you were to believe CNN, you would think that all of Fukushima is abandoned by its inhabitants. But luckily, you read this blog and know that there are those of us who do indeed dwell in Fukushima. And we shop, too!

I bring you photos from my recent window shopping–all in downtown Fukushima City very near my home.


I want….I want….I want……


Luckily, window shopping is free.  (Unless you buy a window.)

However, I worry about the financial state of these little shops.


Even before the earthquake, these shops weren’t exactly bustling with customers.

(Hey, look!  America!)


So I hope these shops are not struggling too much.


CNN says lots of tourists are coming to get a glimpse of disaster stricken Fukushima.


I don’t see a lot of tourists.  Where are they?


Tourists have NEVER been common in Fukushima City.  It’s not exactly on par with Kyoto or Tokyo.


So please come to Fukushima, why don’t you?  And not for the morbid curosity of being in a nuclear wasteland, just for FUN!


Oh my.  Anpanman Christmas tree. How precious.  Do you think they will notice if I steal it?

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