Mr. Long Nose Tengu says, “CRICKETS!  GRASSHOPPERS!  YUM!  YUM!  YUM!”

Yes, the furikake is composed of ground crickets grasshoppers and other seasonings. I tried a teeny sample and it does taste good, but ya know, I suspect it is the other seasonings that really add the flavor. inago=cricket  grasshopper

Okay, I want to talk about our English that we do every morning.  There’s been some shake-ups so this is current:

Wimpy Kid Journal Planner–My son writes his daily thought.

Q&A A Day for a Kid–Every day has a question to be answered briefly:  “How happy are you on a scale from one to ten?”  is today’s question.

Explode the Code–Still plugging away at this series

Handwriting Cursive–My son wanted to learn how to do that “squiggly” writing

240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know

My Big Sticker Dictionary–Found this while cleaning up, it’s mostly just for fun.  There are stickers and the child places them in the appropriate place.  We talk about alphabetical order and definitions.

Scholastic Success with Reading Tests

New Horizons 3Nen Workbook

Spelling Words (Words are taken from New Horizons Series)

—-Also I just ordered it yesterday, but planning on a grammar book.  I have not really done grammar with him, hoping he would just pick it up.  Well, he needs something more structured, IMO, because he makes mistakes.

That’s it!  The biggest struggle is getting my son to write and to WANT to write.  He always takes shortcuts.  Plus he doesn’t care for creative writing.  I guess he won’t be starting a blog anytime soon in English!  Hey, that’s an idea!  WordPress, will you teach my son?



After English time, my son reads what he wants.  I read aloud from the Japanese children’s Bible.

Then we eat breakfast.  After breakfast, I read the same passages of the Bible from two different children’s bible in English to my son.  We discuss.  “That Jacob and his mom were certainly tricky fellows!  But Jacob got tricked himself–fourteen years of working to get a WIFE!  Boy, what a chump!”