Home of the Oscar winning movie “Departures”.  It was filmed there.

So anyway let’s go on a stroll in the very lovely city of Sakata, located on the coast of the Sea of Japan in Yamagata Prefecture.


I want to get my cello and start playing……..  That’s Mt. Chokai.


A cat in the neighborhood



Abandoned college…..It has any interesting story behind it.  I’ll tell it to you sometime.


Do the power poles ruin the view?


Or make it more beautiful?

Actually, I’d prefer if they weren’t there, but I can’t complain considering I use electricity.



Breathtaking sunrise over the river




Beautiful junk.  This shade of blue is really common in Japan.


Old and new


The flowers are to be eaten.


Did you enjoy wandering around with me?

When I go on my morning walks, I don’t take an Ipod or anything like that.  My cousin gave me an inexpensive MP3 player and I kept it in its package for a LONG time, finally took it out, and couldn’t get it to work.  So it is not like I need music or even Japanese studying in my ears on my walks.

However, when I walk alone I sometimes go through the new words I have learned.  I’ll think about them and try to remember their definitions and what their kanji look like.  It’s a review in my head.

On  weekends, my son always walks with me and we talk in English, or just walk silently together.  I enjoy it and I think he enjoys it.  (Although I have to admit, when I am alone I walk more strenuously–which I prefer.  My son often wants to stop at the park or some place.)

Anyway, that’s how I use my walking time.  (I wrote this post in my head on a walk.)