In case you think we are bad parents for buying our son frightening “yokai” books…..

Well, now we are also doing Bible Study!

Here’s what happened (this is a long story):

Back when my son was born, I bought two storybook Bibles.  Both of them were for very young kids.  He outgrew them long ago.  I was wanting to continue, but I was having trouble explaining things–let’s face it!  The Old Testament is a lot of death and destruction!

We go to Catholic mass every Sunday, so he gets Bible Readings there……but if you’ve ever been to a Catholic mass, you know that little kids’ attention span tend to wander.  So I don’t know that he picked up much there.

But recently my husband wanted to incorporate the Bible back in our lives.  (Yes, the same guy who bought the “yokai” book.)  So first we needed to update our Bibles.  Last summer I had planned to bring an English children’s Bible from America, but somehow forgot it.  So we were lacking resources.

I went to the library and checked out a Japanese children’s Bible.  Also, we bought a Japanese Bible manga on the internet for our son to look at by himself.


So as for English I bought a kids’ Bible cheaply on the kindle.  I wasn’t 100% happy with it, so I bought a Catholic kids’ Bible also on my kindle.

And this is how it is set up:

  • I do English study time with my son soon after waking up, as we’ve always done since he was a wee child.  (Meanwhile my husband prepares breakfast and reads the paper.)
  • After English study time, I read the library’s Japanese children’s bible out loud.  My son reads whatever he wants to read (not Bible related…it’s his free time.)
  • Then we eat breakfast.  My son is a slower eater than me, so after breakfast, I read the English Bible, same section as what I read in Japanese.
  • That’s it.  And we talk about it a bit, of course.  I’m not too good at explaining this stuff.


I’m still not 100% happy with the Catholic children’s Bible on kindle, either.  Both kindle English Bibles leave out important stories–the Tower of Babel, Lot fleeing and his wife turning into a pillar of salt.  The Japanese Bible contains these stories, so on these days, I check the internet for the appropriate story in English.  Honestly, I could have just used the internet for everything……….There are lots of websites containing the Bible in its various forms.

Another thing that is REALLY difficult for me… explaining the Bible.  (This is why we stopped a few years ago.)  Why is God displeased with Cain’s sacrifice?  Why is Lot’s wife so horribly punished?  I don’t 100% know the answers, and I doubt anybody really does.


Whether a family is religious or not, I think it is REALLY important for kids to learn the Bible.  I’m glad we are doing it.  It’s a good thing.



聖means saint, sage, holy, master, priest

書 means write (the same kanji in the word かく 書く “to write”)


By the way, for anyone interested….Black Friday is coming up.  Black Friday is when I got my subscription to Japanese Pod 101.  I had been watching it for a while and it went as low as I felt it would go.  I think it was a little over 200 dollars for two years, premium, so five dollars a month?  For me, it has been worth it.  While there are things that Japanese pod 101 could improve, I have really enjoyed it.  I’ll write a post later more in depth about Jpod101, but if anybody has questions, feel free to ask me.  Plus there is a free forum at the site where they are really good in responding to questions.

Do NOT give them your main e-mail.  They inundate you with crap.  (That’s one of the things they need to work on.)