Here are the books I have chosen so far for book reading to school kids.  Hopefully the list will help anybody else who may also do yomikikase in Japan.  I generally try to use one book several times.

Skeleton Hiccups

It’s Christmas, David!  (There’s no Japanese text available currently, so I translated it to Japanese.)

The Foggy Foggy Forest

Go Away Big Green Monster (No Japanese–I translated it into Japanese)

The Three Robbers (The English in the book turned out to be too difficult so I only did it once.)

Snow (the one by Uri Shulevitz)

Chugging All the Way

The Very Busy Spider (the one by Eric Carle)

No, David!

Where the Wild Things Are (Throwaway Book–We all had to choose one book for storytime at the school bazaar.  I knew the number of students listening would be very small and their attention spans short.  I was correct.)

This Is Not My Hat (I haven’t actually done this book yet. It’s my plan for January.)

I personally like books that are either deep like “Snow” (excuse the pun) or funny and interesting like “No, David.”  With really easy English.  Although honestly, even the easiest books are too difficult for them.  I make my own flashcards and teach them words and phrases from each book, so hopefully they learn something.



Okay, if you’ve always wanted to know what the infamous Fukushima City looks like, this is an interesting house on my son’s walk to school.