Yesterday, I went to Nakago, the fancy department store here in town for calendar shopping. I’m pretty picky about my calendars.
I have an American one ready for next year–it’s Norman Rockwell and I got it online. I want an easy reference for American holidays.

(Oh, today is Labor Day in the States! That’s why everybody is off.)

Plus, I hang a Japanese one with the Japanese holidays. I wanted the holidays in English–this is important. I try to make our house as bilingual friendly as possible, so this includes calendars. So I found the perfect calendar. It’s Peter Rabbit with the Japanese holidays in both English and Japanese. Plus each month there is a quote with the illustration. So adorable.
I got my mom a Moomin picture frame and a Moomin calendar. I really like the Moomin calendar because the holidays are printed only in English. None of that squiggly Oriental writing to distract her from the important stuff. Also, I think my family likes having a reference to when MY FAMILY here in Japan has days off.

(Oh, this National Foundation Day in Japan! Whatever the hell that means!)

Nobody knows what Moomin are in America, but it’s high time they learned, doncha think?


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I’m not quite sure what they are either actually.  However, everybody here lives in Japan knows that these plump Finnish creatures are a true Japanese experience.

Where was I?  Oh, shopping!  And there was an earthquake!!!!!!!!  While I was shopping!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I didn’t notice it but the salesladies said, “Stop what you are doing!  Don’t go anywhere!  It’s shaking! ゆれている!”


That’s where the above websites come in.  I can check the first one–Japan Meteoroligical (ologolgical…whatever.) Agency in english.


OR I can go straight to the source and use the second site.  What you do is, you go to ANY JAPANESE WEBSITE and save the URL, then click it into Yomo Yomo’s little box.  Then you can read and listen to the Japanese website!!!!!!!  Isn’t that so cool?  So I did that with the Japanese news and discovered that it was a Magnitude 3 earthquake in our area.  Just as I figured.


Also, if anyone is interested, I know there is an app for early detection of earthquakes.  It has long been available in Japanese and recently in English.  Here is some sort of link:  I don’t have it because I don’t have, um, a , uh, a smartphone.  I did see how it worked though.  It went beep beep beep!  Oh and an earthquake is coming!  And sure enough about a minute or so later, it came.  So it is probably a nice thing to have to give you that extra minute to worry prepare.