Black Thunder is our new favorite candy bar.  My son loves it.


Parent Observation Day…Playing their recorders.  Also we watched a science class in the science lab.  I l always watch my son closely in these sample lessons to see how he behaves and interacts, and so on.


Okay, does anybody STILL have a VCR?  I know that they aren’t used much anymore……

When my son was born, DVD’s were just starting up.  So it was a transition period–video cassettes going out and DVD’s coming in.  So anyway, I have some free American video cassettes to anybody with a small child who is learning English.  The only thing necessary for you to have is a Japanese address that I can send it to.

Here are the video cassettes:

Maisy’s Colors and Shapes

Bob the Builder Scoop’s Favorite Adventures

Curious George Comes to America

Veggietales The Ballad of Little Joe

Little People Vol. 4 Discovering Things that Go

Sesame Street A Musical Celebration

Barney’s ABCs and 123s

Walt Disney Here’s Mickey

First Impressions Opposites

Bee Smart Baby Action Words

Bob the Builder The Big Game

Thomas the Tank Engine Percy’s Ghostly Trick and other Thomas Stories

Baby Knowitall Animals and ABCs

The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny

Leap Frog Letter Factory

The first person who responds and who has a Japanese address can have the box of them!