Ah, I can remember the very first time we saw Gravity Falls.  Dipper and Mabel were on the sofa, throwing up at each other–only to reveal the vomit was actually silly string!  Gross,  thought.  Nevertheless…..an obsession was born.

My son loves Gravity Falls with his whole heart and his entire being.  Almost as much as he loves Mario Brothers.  Anyway, he insisted that I watch–I generally regulated all the Disney cartoons into the category of “dumb” and watch bits of pieces of them as I clean and cook–he insisted that I watch and indeed I too fell into deep infatuation with the animated comedy that is like no other.  I quote my son:

Funny and creepy

It’s a complex show, and obviously well thought out with bits that you are led to believe are “nothing” developing into something much more mysterious and strange.  Here’s a clip:  Well actually here’s a full episode:  Gravity Falls Douple Dipper episode.  Youtube has quite a few full episodes.

And what’s more, I thought that Dipper was voiced by John Ritter, but he passed away, so how could it be voiced by him?  It turns out to be voiced by his son Jason Ritter.

Okay.  Where was I.  We bought the handbook for Gravity Falls in English and it was worth buying.  It’s a neat book. Gravity Falls Handbook



Picture Time!


This artist creates Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cats)  I bought a cat from him.  I try to support local stores and so on.


Pie Shop!  My son has been wanting to try this pie shop.  I got him Halloween pie!


Okay, if you’ve always want to know what infamous Fukushima City looks like, this is the downtown area all decorated for Halloween.