My husband and son walking to the local public junior high.  It’s on the side of that hill and up quite a slope.

Next year, my son will be going to junior high.  There are two choices:  public or private.  It’s so incredibly difficult to decide which school to send him to.  Both have positives and negatives.

Public Bad:  Not as rigorous academically.  More likely to have (IMO) doofus teachers who are just coasting.  More likely to have idiot mean kids, and thus more bullying.  Plus probably a school that does not take a hard stand against bullying.  English class will be way to easy for my son.

Good:  Easier academically and therefore less stress.  Summers off for vacation.  School lunch provided.  Kids from all walks of life will attend.  Most importantly, this is the school where my son wants to go.  He will be with his elementary school friends instead of separated from them.


Private Bad:  Academically rigorous and therefore stressful.  No summer vacation.  (School is in session during summer.)  No lunch provided, must bring bento every day.

Good:  Academically rigorous and therefore prepares my son for the real world.  English is divided into low level class and high level, therefor a hope of actually challenging my son.  Probably a firmer stance against bullying and other naughty behavior.  Probably better teachers, perhaps.

So it is a hard choice.  Very hard.  The clincher is that my son badly wants to attend public, which means he will likely go there.

I don’t like making decisions! 


Cute little shrine next to the junior high school.  There is some sort of temple or shrine up those steps, but it is a tiring walk up, so we didn’t go.