International Library of Children’s Literature poster for current exhibit of picture books in Japanese


outside International Library of Children’s Literature–free of charge!


University Art Museum–also free of charge.  I saw the current exhibit of Taiwanese art


Tokyo National Museum–Japanese art


current exhibit — treasures  —  extremely crowded!


I was allowed the take photos of some of the art in the permanent section of the National Museum


Looks like Japan!


Grandma, this one’s for you!  Japanese Christian art



I wanted to talk about the International Library of Children’s Books.  I brought my son there a long time ago when he was little and we relaxed there and looked at books together.  Fun!

So basically it is a wonderful library of books from all over the world.  They got languages and countries you have never seen in Japan before.  (Because let’s face it–children’s books in Japan are concentrated on English.  A bit of French or Chinese perhaps.  But really mostly English.)  So this library is a treasure trove of international books.

However………you can’t check out books.  This is fine by me, because I don’t live close enough to check them out.  It would be a bummer, though, if I lived near Ueno Park.

Also, they divide the library into two separate libraries–a reading room and a regular library.  In the reading room, you are allowed to read to your child.  But in the regular section, I don’t think that you are allowed to read to your child.  (I guess you can if they don’t catch you?)  And in the regular part, there are many more books to choose from.  Now personally, again, it doesn’t affect me, because I have a lot to choose from when it comes to English books.  But if I was teaching my child Arabic?  Yeah, I would be annoyed that there are wonderful Arabic books, and I’m not allowed to read them to my child.  I don’t know how strict they are with the “No reading aloud in this library” rules, but you know Japan. They like rules.

So basically I don’t see the point of a children’s library where you can’t read to your child or check out books.  You just go in and enjoy the atmosphere?  The international feel of it all?  I know they have the reading room, but I’m greedy.  I want it all.


Okay, anyway, if you are in Ueno Park, check this library out.  It’s kind of hidden back there, so enjoy the stroll through the park to get there!