Goodbye, Thailand!  Not sure why this photo is on its side.


Delicious JAL meal. This was the only real meal they had, and for a six hour flight, I did not feel it was enough. (We needed a substantial snack later in the flight.)  Perhaps I eat more than Japanese people?  Huh?  Huh?  Maybe????


Hello, Japan!  Everybody who flies into Narita sees this outline of the east coast of the Boso peninsula, I think.  There is the Pacific Ocean!  Most farming towns scattered below.


In Narita, I went to Itoyokado Shopping Center located at Kozunomori Station.  My old hangout!  Almost the same as I remembered it.  The Disney store is missing.  However, they have this new Indian restaurant.  Quite nice and cheaper than the airport restaurants.




Kozu No Mori Train Station in Narita City on the Keisei Line…..Not much around here except Itoyokado Shopping Center.


Went shopping and bought new walking shoes!  Badly needed.


Well, since we are looking at Narita City photos today, I thought I would do a comparison of Narita City and Fukushima City.  I used to lived in Narita City, and I loved it.  It’s a good place.  Small city, but nicer to live than Tokyo.

Okay, here is the comparison.

NARITA:  (Good points) Close to many important places, like the International Airport, Tokyo, Chiba City, the beach, Disneyland.  It’s an “international” city due to its proximity to the airport.  People who live there have travelled abroad more than the typical Japanese person, and they are used to seeing foreigners in the streets.  It is a friendly city.

(Bad points)  I felt that Narita, despite being a small city, had the “crowded” feel of Tokyo.  Always crowded, always rushing.  Also, people are more into brand names and looking rich than in F.C.


FUKUSHIMA CITY  (Good points)  Lots of lovely nature, fruit, mountains, scenery……….Unfortunately ruined by nuclear power plant.  A very leisurely feel in the city, such a nice contrast to the Tokyo hustle and bustle.

(Bad points)  Quite far from important places like Tokyo and Narita International Aiport.  People are not quite as friendly as in Narita, but there is a “What you see is what you get” quality.  Lack of “international” feeling in the city.  Foreigners rarely visit the city.  (The foreigners who are here are the ones who live here.)

Okay, I guess that is basically it.  A lot of good points of Fukushima (its beautiful nature) were turned into bad points by the earthquake.  Rather than a city of natural beauty it’s now a city of nuclear destruction.  This is such a shame. 😦