I bet you thought I was finished with photos of Bangkok?  This is the international airport.  Very comfortable and modern.


Shrine.  I saw a woman praying to it…for a safe flight, perhaps?




Memories of Thailand………  However, airport prices for souvenirs were steep, so I didn’t buy anything.


Souvenir Soda!


Souvenir Beer!


Souvenir Coconuts!


Souvenir exotic fruits!


I have a Flag karuta card game.  I’ve played it with my son in English–we describe the flags in English.  Yesterday I brought it to Japanese class and we played it the real way–reading the descriptions and choosing the correct card.  I learned more Japanese vocabulary than I expected.  It’s just a kids’ game, but it was challenging for THIS adult!

It made me a little sad that we have not been playing the Japanese version at home.  I often feel torn between the two languages…which to do?  (English almost always wins.)  I wonder if other people feel this way?

If anyone is interested in the game (which I bought at a local bookstore), this is the game’s website.  They have a neato online game that is supposed to introduce you to the karuta card game.  Push “スタート” (start) to play the game.  It ain’t easy! Quite short, but fun.


I just love the karuta games on sale here at bookstores and want to buy them all.  I reign myself in though.  They focus on Japanese.  My focus is on English.  Nevertheless all the karuta games are darn cute, aren’t they?  Next time I’ll take a photo of them at a local bookstore…(If I remember.)