Typical City Street


Time for our pedis!


Now that you’ve seen my feet, I’ll think about letting you see my earlobes.


Shopping!!!!!!!!  Bag that fell apart on way home and sarongs with BIG FAT ELEPHANT patterns.  Not sure how flattering that is.  (Not to self:  Buy skirts with skinny animals on them.)


Last meal.  Thailand was great!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve thought it over and I’m not going to let you see my earlobes.  We’re just not that far into our relationship yet.


Well, the Tooth Fairy came for what we feel is probably the last time.  No more baby teeth.  Well, I guess he could lose a grown-up tooth like Grandpa but we don’t want that to happen, do we.

If I could do the whole TOOTH FAIRY thing again, I would:

1.  I would start off giving a smaller amount of money.  I was just so incredibly excited when my son lost his very first tooth that the TF gave too much money.  What the TF did not realize is that….more and more and MORE baby teeth will fall out, one after another!  Pace yourself.  It gets expensive so give just a little bit.  You can increase the amount more easily than decrease.

Sorry, kid the tooth fairy is on a budget.

2.  I would buy some pretty paper and hide it.  And then when my son lost his teeth, the TF would give him cool notes on that special paper.

You are awesome!

3.  I would buy some kind of container.  Instead of leaving them in random places all over the house.

So if your kid is still little, take my advice and be the best tooth fairy you can be be.

Wait, the tooth fairy is really MOM???!!!????