Traditional breakfast.  It was delicious.


TV in the morning.  Kids’ show.  No, I didn’t understand it.



Newscaster saying “Thank you.”

Actually, there was quite a bit of English TV.  We watched “Cupcake Wars”.  Oh, and there was the Fox News Channel.  My mom would feel right at home.


View from the subway station.


Subway cards.  I was at dunce at buying them at the vending machine.



Library Volunteer

Well, yesterday we borrowed books from the library for the elementary school kids.  We did it a little differently this time.  Usually we pick a grade and fill their basket.  This time we just got any books we wanted and put them into any grade’s basket.  I’m not sure why there was this sudden change.

Anyway, I don’t really remember many of the books I picked, but I did get “The Borrowers” and “Anne of Green Gables” for the fourth graders.  I feel both of these books are probably above the reading level of a typical fourth grader.  However, there are always those kids who read way above the rest of the class, so this was for them.

As we were finishing up, the other Library Volunteers said, “We know your son is graduating, but we want you to stay next year as a Library.  PLEASE!  PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!”

Well, I was flattered.  But also feeling a bit like:  Show me the money.

I know my fellow library volunteers have NOTHING to do with the business end of school–they’re just volunteers like me.  However, the Board of Education could offer me an …………. offer that makes it worth my while?  I know the BOE luvs me because they put my photo on a poster to raise awareness of reading in the public schools.

I would like to volunteer at the jhs that my son will attend.  But I don’t believe they have a library volunteer program there.  (In fact, I am sure they don’t.)

I will say that one that about being a volunteer is that I don’t have to deal with self-confidence shattering CRITICISM that one inevitably gets when getting paid.

VOLUNTEER WORK=This is great!  We love it!

PAID WORKER=This sucks!  Do it again!

Okay, where was I…..  Thailand….  I am back in Thailand with dreams of elephants and pomegranate juice and back massages……………