The nice thing about visiting a place yourself is that you KNOW it is not photoshopped.


My son is a book snob.  I don’t mean that he snubs his nose at inferiorly written books.  Rather, he gets grossed out by used books.  His school is having a school festival soon where used books will be sold.  So I am culling his collection of Japanese books and the only ones he will let me get rid of are the Book Off ones.  He has pretty much sworn off Book Off due to the Ick Factor.  This boy drives me crazy.


Speaking of books, one of my FB friends shared that つんどく (積読?) tsundoku is the Japanese word for somebody, basically, who has a lot of books.  Although the more precise definition, I believe, is somebody who buys the books, but doesn’t read them. So I guess I am a kindle tsundoku.  We just don’t have room in our house for extra real books.  I always want to buy new “learning Japanese” books, but I refrain, realizing that I just want to purchase something.  I have enough Japanese materials to keep me busy.  Anyway, that was MY NEW WORD OF THE DAY.  Thank you, Facebook.  I owe you much gratitude.