Gah!  Elephants!!!!!!!!!!!  Our tuk tuk driver drove us to an elephant place.


We had the option of riding elephants, but declined.  My niece feels that the elephants are probably not treated too well and I suspect that she is right.  I will say, that our tuk tuk driver was good because we spent a short time at the elephant place (it was free) and then left.  He didn’t drop us off and force us to stay a long time.


Come to momma, baby.  Huggable and snuggable.


Okay, this has a funny (and educational) story.  I posed with this wee little baby elephant and while I was next to him, I scratched his skin reassuringly–like you would a dog.  I figured this sweet little guy would like that…….And I suppose he did.  (He did not comment one way or the other.)

However.  It left elephant oil, oil juice, elephant crap–whatever you want to call it–on my fingertips!  It was gray and oily.  Who knows what the hell it was!  I don’t wanna know.  It was there for like a week and would NOT wash off.  Totally ruined my manicure.  And gross, besides.

So the lesson of the day:  Don’t scratch an elephant.  Even if he is cute and cuddly.