We set off from Ayutthaya train station in a tuk tuk.


The first place we visited.  I’m sorry, I totally don’t know the name of this temple.  (Or the names of any other places we visited that day.)


My niece in awe.

(In reality, she told me that living there in Thailand for the past year, she is BTDT when it comes to golden ornate Buddhist temples.  I gather she has seen quite a few of them.)


It really was breathtaking.  Pictures can’t accurately describe the beauty.  Somebody needs to invent a holographic way to travel from your computer chair.


Thai temples seem to be much shinier and “pika pika” (glistening) than Japanese Buddhist temples.  I  think it is all that gold….


No, grandma, we did NOT pray!  Just looking.


Funny little guy.


He has probably sat cross-legged for years and years and years.  I wonder if his legs ever get tired.  Maybe he takes yoga?


Elephants were a definite motif in Thailand.


Dragons!!!!  and I recognize the “shi shi” statues from Japanese temples.


My cousin said, “That dog  looks dead.” LOL  In both Bangkok and Ayutthaya, there were tons of dogs napping to escape the heat.


Scroll down if you want to be sad.















Hey Autumn I said hi to Charlie for you!

Those dogs are lucky they don’t live in Vietnam!  (Photo taken this week by

my niece who is now in Vietnam.)